Magali Speicher
Magali Speicher (she/her) is a Luxembourgish photographer who graduated at the Royal Academy of Art The Hague in 2023.
Presented in large-scale tableaux, Magali depicts fictional characters in cinematographic surroundings, not looking at the camera, but being absorbed in their own reality. While acknowledging the independence of the terms colourful and absurd and detaching them from their typical connotations, her images translate tense topics into strange parodies of life. In these thoroughly composed alternative worlds, her camera peaks at uncanny situations, mostly recognised from our daily life, but defamiliarised by a surrealistic twist. Nevertheless, Magali does not build her sets from scratch, but she places and replaces within existing locations.
Magali takes inspiration mainly from the music industry. As a singer/songwriter, she’s a witness of both, the blessings music holds and the curses within the industry that are hidden from the audience’s eyes. However, fear is also a constant reference point in her work. As such, Magali uses photography to make sense of her surroundings by visualising her dystopian comments or repetitive thoughts deriving from her anxieties.
Magali believes that clarification and understanding are the first steps towards a better future and so, as her work projects these dissected curses and fears onto a broader sociological canvas, she is opening critical conversations with the goal to make the audience question the ordinariness of our society that we just swallow.